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Music Preserved is a registered charity and has no regular source of income except the very small amounts we earn from the recordings we have issued. We therefore rely on donations and voluntary labour to get our work done.

Make a donation

To date we have received generous contributions from a small number of donors and from members of our governing Council. If you would like to support our important work we would be grateful for any donation, however small.

Volunteer your time

In the past couple of years we have recruited a small band of volunteers to help us finish the important task of cataloguing the collection.

We now face the even more important work of transferring the tapes to a digital format. Without doing this the tapes will deteriorate beyond salvation and we will not be able to make the performances available for public listening. If you live within striking distance of York and would be interested to help us, we would be happy to hear from you.

Our volunteers help with cataloguing, digitisation, education and promoting.

Browse the collection

Music Preserved offers you the choice of listening to many of the rare, historically and artistically interesting recordings in its collection.