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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart Six Nocturnes with Harper, Baker and Shirley-Quirk

Heather Harper, Janet Baker and John Shirley-Quirk with the Bassetto Trio perform Six Nocturnes by Mozart.
Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Singers Dame Janet Baker, Heather Harper, John Shirley-Quirk
Genre Chamber music

These works for three singers (soprano, mezzo-soprano and baritone) with 3 basset horns (or for 2 clarinets and bass basset horn) were probably written in the middle years of the 1780’s, the time of Mozart’s musical maturity and the height of his fame.  However, they are not Mozart’s own original work and were written in partnership with his friend Gottfried von Jacquin.  Mozart frequently enjoyed musical evenings with the Jacquin family and it is likely that Mozart merely provided the wind instrumentation to accompany the vocal lines, which are to texts by librettists of the early 18th century, notably Metastasio, on the theme of love.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791)

Six Nocturnes (K436-9, 346, 549) for singers and basset-horns

  • K.439 – Due pupille amabili
  • K.438 – Se lontan, ben mio, tu sei
  • K.436 – Ecco quel fiero istante
  • K.437 – Mi lagnero tacendo
  • K.346 – Luci care, luci belle
  • K.549 – Piu non si trovano





This recording was taken from a recital given in the Central Hall, Coventry.

The recording is in the Saul Collection at Music Preserved.

  • Heather Harper
  • Janet Baker
  • John Shirley-Quirk
  • The Bassetto Trio

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