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Leoš Janáček

Janáček Violin Sonata, Edinburgh Festival 1964

1964. Edinburgh
Part of a recital given by Manoug Parikian with David Wilde at the 1964 Edinburgh Festival
Composer Leoš Janáček
Instrumentalist Manoug Parikian
Pianist David Wilde
Genre Chamber music

This is Janáček’s only violin sonata – two very early ones have been lost.  It was published in 1922 and first performed on 24 April of that year at the concert of new Moravian music organized by the Young Composer’s Club in the Museum of Applied Arts in Brno by the violinist František Kudlácek with Jaroslav Kvapil.  The first performance abroad tool place in Frankfurt in 1923 with Paul Hindemith as the violin soloist.

It’s composition went through a prolonged period of gestation.  The second movement Ballada was probably written in 1913 and was published as a work in its own right in 1915.  The rest of the work started being written in the summer of 1914 and was finished by October 1915.  It then went through extensive revision, including the re-ordering of the movements and the composition of alternative movements.

Leoš Janáček (1854–1928)

Violin Sonata

Track 1: Con moto

Track 2: Ballada

Track 3: Allegretto

Track 4: Adagio

This recording was made from a relay of a concert given in Edinburgh on September 2 1964.

The recording is from the Harewood Collection at Music Preserved.

  • Manoug Parikian
  • David Wilde

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